7119 Fairfield Dr Little Rock AR 72209

Investment Opportunity

Your Investment: $86,500.00
Property After Repair Value (ARV): $135,000.00
Loan-To-Value (LTV) Ratio: 64.07%
Your Investment Secured By: New 1st Mortgage
Your Investment Term: 60 Months
Your Rate of Return: 7%
Monthly Interest Income: $504.58

Compare the Difference

$86,500.00 Loan @ 7.00% Interest

Comparison: $86,500.00 Interest Annual Return
Capstone Loan - Interest Only: 7.00% $6,055.00
JP Morgan Mortgage Backed: 5.68% $4,913.20
Best Bank CD - *3 yr term: 4.85% $4,195.25
One Year US Treasury Bill: 4.78% $4,134.70

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there documents Securing my Investment Loan?

CFG Investors Have No Expense with the following documents:

  • Promissory Note
  • 1st Mortgage Securing Note
  • Lender’s Title Insurance Policy
  • Mortgagee – Hazard Insurance
How is my principal investment protected?
What if the buyer or tenant changes their mind?
How Do I Get my principal investment back?
What Happens to My Investment Loan if the Tenant / Buyer Stops Paying Capstone?
Can I Invest my IRA Capital?
What are the Next Steps to Start Earning Interest?
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